The Leader In Me approach at American ​College Innovation Lab is designed to help ​our learners grow both during learning lab ​hours and field experiences. Each day is ​filled with opportunities to new ​educational and social situations that aim ​to inspire the learner's personal growth. ​Our facilitators create a safe learning ​culture and setting where they can inspire ​learners to inquire, investigate, innovate ​and lead.

  • Leadership Focussed
  • Self-paced progression
  • Interdisciplinary, inquiry guided approach
  • Portfolios, projects, mastery, and outcomes. Not grades
  • Weekly field experiences with topic experts
  • Mixed ages in collaborative groups
  • Flexible seating
  • Facilitators not teachers
  • Low learner to facilitator ratio
  • No homework


Welcome to American College Innovation Lab. We've boldly reimagined the ​educational experience to inspire young people to lead their personal lives and ​then others. We've intentionally focussed on how the learner can harness their ​own imagination and heart to lead them in academic and social growth. After a ​decade in both the private school and public school system, we understood ​that children and teens were becoming disengaged, frustrated, anxious, and ​bored. Their curiosity, imagination, risk taking and passion had been almost ​extinguished. Attending school became a rat race where they fought in ​competition with each other to achieve goals prescribed to them without ​consideration to what actually moved their own soul. We saw how learning ​became trauma as failure was deemed as weakness or inferiority instead as ​part of the learning process. We ached as we witnessed their joy and spark ​hammered away by rote memorization, endless hours of homework, and the ​pressure to fit in. We knew students deserved something better, so we took a ​radical approach.

We created American College Innovation Lab to provide an atmosphere for our ​own children and those in the community who want to experience learning ​with the magic of Disney World, the wisdom of MIT, the exploration of NASA, ​the warmth of Starbucks, the heart of Mother Theresa, and the belonging of ​Brene Brown. We want to welcome you to our learning lab where young ​people can pursue the best version of themselves and experiment in the most ​natural way of learning.

Steven Arauz

Bachelors Degree in Education

Maksym Goriachev


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