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We accept


throughout the year,

but most Students

join us in September

or January.

Full year, semester-only and monthly students welcome.

Tuition is pro-rated based on the period of enrollment.

However, the Annual Matriculation Fee and One-Time Entrance Fee are not pro-rated ​based on the period of enrollment.

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Admission Requirements

Sign up for an Info Session. You ​will also receive an email ​containing information about ​ACIL. You can also skip Step 1 ​and go directly to submitting the ​application form (Step 2).

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If you are ready to apply for ​2024-2025 academic year, you ​can fill out the Application form. ​Please only fill out this form if ​you wish to proceed with ​enrollment for 2024-2025!

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Step 3. Interview

After reviewing your application, ​we will send you a link to ​schedule an interview for your ​learner.

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Step 4. Notification

A formal letter of acceptance or ​rejection will be sent to the ​family within 2 weeks. You will ​have 5 days to accept it and pay ​Registration Fee.




American College Innovative Lab (ACIL) is a non-traditional American international school for 7th-12th grade students in Valencia, Spain. ACIL prides itself on its ​innovative, diverse and student-centered learning pedagogy.

ACIL is centrally situated within the city, granting easy access to various public transportation options.

The core academic curriculum comprises accredited US courses, all instructed in native English.

ACIL maintains a small student-teacher ratio, fostering an open and vibrant atmosphere that propels students to excel not only academically but also socially and emotionally. A distinct feature of the school is the encouragement of interaction among students from diverse grade levels and nationalities, resulting in a remarkable fusion of ideas.

ACIL offers an extensive range of enriching components and transformative experiences throughout the academic year. These encompass a diverse array of social and creative activities, fostering friendships while igniting creativity. Our students learn from influential international speakers, gaining invaluable insights from visionaries across the globe.

In a fast-paced world where emotional ​intelligence is essential, ACIL empowers ​students with mindfulness practices, ​ensuring they develop the emotional ​resilience and awareness to thrive in any ​endeavor.

Students graduate when completing the ​12th grade. They then receive an official ​American High School Diploma, which ​allows them to attend international ​universities throughout the world.

With ACIL, students are embarking on a ​dynamic journey of growth, exploration, ​and self-discovery that will unlock their true ​potential in ways they never imagined.

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General Inquiries:


+34 625 776 408



Av. Cortes Valencianas, 39

46015 València, València


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