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September 2024 - June 2025

The annual tuition and fees are established each academic year.

We have scholarships based on financial needs.

If you believe ACIL is perfect fit for your child but the cost is a concern, you can apply for financial ​support. Eligibility for need-based scholarships is determined by your financial aid application ​and takes into account your family's financial situation.

If you wish to apply for the Need-based Scholarship, please get in touch with the Admissions ​Office at admissions@americanlab.org


Family discounts are applied when more than two (2) children are enrolled in the school at the ​same time, (reduction does not apply to the mandatory ID Card fee, Experiences Fee, Lab ​Resourses Fees and Admission Fee). THIRD SIBLING Enrolled: No Annual Matriculation Fee ​and a ten (10) percent reduction of tuition only. FOURTH SIBLING AND ON Enrolled: No ​Annual Enrollment Fee and a fifty (50) percent reduction of tuition


Current Learners are not subject to tuition ​increases. Tuition fee remain at the same price ​from when Learners are enrolled throughout all ​school years at ACIL.

Option A: 895 €/ 10 payments

Option В: 8455€/one payment


One-time. New Learners only. Non refundable. ​Will be invoiced the same month of registration.

One-time: 1955€

Uniform and Text books

At our Lab, we take a different approach. We believe in fostering students' individuality while ​maintaining a professional atmosphere. As a result, we do not have a uniform policy; ​however, we do have a dress code in place. Additionally, we do not impose a textbook fee, ​a cost that can approach nearly 800 euros in some other schools.

Other Fees


Non refundable.

One-time: 55€*

*For each student applying.

Learner ID card

Non refundable. Will be invoiced the same month of registration.

One-time: 23€*

*Lost card charges: There is a charge of 23€ for a lost ID card. Learner must report a lost card immediately. For your protection, once ​a card is replaced, it cannot be reactivated. If you find the original card and then lose the replacement, you cannot use that original ​card that was previously reported as lost. You will need to bring in the found card and get another replacement.


Real life experiences that empower our learners with tools they can use right now.

ACIL will send the Experiences fee invoice before the start of every Experience (usually 4-7 ​every year). Amount depends on the experience and will be approximately between 40-120€ ​per month.

Lab Resources

The Lab Resources fee is Invoiced twice a year: September and January.

Per term: 578€ (twice a year)

Annual Matriculation


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