Our paradigms power our attitudes and behaviors – and ultimately our impact! Our ​framework provides an overview of the concepts at the heart of the Leader in Me – Core ​Paradigms driving Highly Effective Practices to achieve Measurable Results in Leadership, ​Culture, and Academics.

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Field Experiences

Academics are important. We equip students with the right tools for subject mastery. We ​also believe In the research that shows that students significantly perform better In all ​areas when they see a direct connection between what they learn and real life. That's why ​we dedicate every Wednesday to real life experiences that empower our students with ​tools they can use right now. Once a week, our students learn from actual experts In a ​variety of fields.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diver

Scuba Diving

All of our students experience the Padi Open Water Diving Course where they become equipped with the measures and techniques needed to explore marine biology up close. Once students have completed the Padi Open Water Diving Course, they obtain official qualification, which empowers them to dive all over the world.

Smiling Lifeguards

Life Guarding

Our students have the opportunity to enroll in the Professional Lifeguard Course where they will learn surveillance, prevention and rescue of victims in aquatic facilities. Students gain certification to life guard In beaches, springs, other natural environments, pools, and water parks.

Sailboat Race


Sailing is the perfect experience to blend academic skills with social skills. It's an infusion of physics with team collaboration. Students work in groups throughout the month and finish off with a race. This experience also offers certification for students who are at least 16.

Cheerful female artisan with handmade ceramic dishware


Art comes from the deepest part of a human. It's a form of expression. Through this ceramics experience, students will learn techniques and methods that have evolved throughout human history and that have given shape to feelings, emotions, and thoughts. They will create art for display, gift, or sell.

portrait swimming instructor

Swim Coach

Our students have the opportunity to take the Swimming and Water Activities Monitor experience where they acquire the knowledge and certification to program, direct and stimulate the teaching-learning processes related to swimming activities. Our students become certified swim coaches.

Instructor Demonstrating CPR on Mannequin at First Aid Training Course

First Aid & CPR

Knowing how to provide first aid and CPR Is an Important part of having the tools needed to serve the community students live In. Having the knowledge in how to be an active responder enables our students to be proactive at the workplace, learning lab, at home, or on the street. Once finished with this experience, our students will be certified to provide First Aid and CPR.

Service Learning

Oceanografic and Bioparc are Valencia's wildlife protection and rehabilitation centers. We aim for our students to develop a culture of service and volunteering. Our students are engaged In service learning projects every year. We partner with local places like the Bioparc to not only Inspire students to serve but to also guide our students to make connections with organizations that have effective business plans in serving the community.

Agriculture of Lettuce


La Comunidad Autonoma de Valencia is the leading producer of Spain's fresh fruits and vegetables. La Albufera Is specifically known for growing all of the country's rice. It makes sense to learn from the leading agriculture experts who are right here In our school's region. Students will experience local farms by creating connections with local agricultural engineers and partner with the farms leading objectives.

A Person Holding a Smartphone with Trading Graphs

Crypto Trading

We've partnered with Binance Academy to bring the world of crypto right to our students' learning lab. Students will graduate from this experience with their own Binance coins ready for the real world of trading

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